Fan mail

Hello there! It’s not too long before christmas! Have you got your mail organised?

We are still in the midst of writing up our Christmas cards. There was one very special letter that we got round to doing this morning….


A Christmas letter to the big man – Santa Claus himself! The Dude helped Bugs put together her very first note…..


Here’s whats written in the card in case The Dude’s handwriting is a bit too scrawly to read :

” Dear Santa,

I’ve tried very hard to be a very, very good baby girl this whole year! I hope you also think so and bring me lots of presents for me and my mommy and daddy! Thank you Santa and merry Christmas!

Your little pal,

Now as we all know, Santa lives in the North Pole. Thankfully the folks at Australia post had kindly set up a mailbox right in the city to collect and deliver all of Santa’s mail to him personally. That’s where we headed to post our letter!

We passed by the huge Christmas tree in Christmas square. There were lots of activities for kids being held at that place. But it was a really hot day so we didn’t stop to play.


We put our card in the giant post box and headed indoors into the cool shade….


Where we were given free cake by the folks from the NGV who were celebrating the launch of an exhibition!


Check out how huge our slice was! It was good and yummy and a sweet way to finish off our mini city excursion!


On other news, I’ve embarked on my latest knitting project for Christmas. Here’s a sneak peek on what’s in store – cab you guess what it’s about? hint: it’s sparkly bright!

Have a fantastic Saturday folks!



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