Where the pig and the horse play

I’ve been on the lookout recently for possible items to add into a discovery box for Bugs recently ever since we had that first experience a week or so ago. A recent trip to the toy store and the craft shop yielded quite a few interesting items.

Here’s the latest discovery box that I put together : a little farm scene with Mollie the pig digging her snout in some mixed spice scented play dough and surrounded by an assortment of craft items! I was inspired by the pig that we saw at the animal farm who happened to be digging around the soil with, you guessed it, his snout!


Bugs was suitably impressed with this mini scene! Here she is admiring the feathers…


The hairy pompoms were a real hit…


The little fingers spent some time prodding the play dough and enjoying its squishy texture ….


All well and good but she missed Mollie the pig! Wasn’t keen in touching Mollie at all!

So today, I built another similar scene, this time featuring Harry the horse!


This time, success! The horse was the very first thing she spotted and picked up from the box!


I’m hooked on creating these mini discovery box scenes now, especially seeing how much Bugs enjoys poking and exploring the stuff, even if it’s only for a short while! Hmmmm I wonder what I can create next? Watch this space!



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