Hamming it up

Woweee what a day it’s been! I’ve so much to share, it’s difficult to really decide where to start! Perhaps simple is the way to go here!

Well The Dude and I hosted our annual Christmas do today. It sounds really grand but it really was with close friends and family, a close knit crowd, just the way we like it!

A special occasion like this deserves special occasion food, like some Christmas ham for instance!


This ham was so huge, it took up most of the oven space! The Dude was the chef of the day -lucky me! Here he is prepping the ham before it went into the oven, see how carefully he’s poking the cloves into the “diamonds”!


Ten minutes later, this impressive looking ham was ready to be cooked and glazed!


It was a bit of effort to glaze the ham but the end result was really worth all the hard work! This picture doesn’t really do justice as to how beautiful it looked after it came out of the oven!


We enjoyed the ham with a large tasty spread of assorted salads and bites….


And but of course, we had a big selection of desserts to sample from to end off the meal!


All that eating sure is hard work! Especially after I’d spent the previous night working hard at finishing these….


Knitted Christmas lights!!


The lights hang happily on our bookshelf now, at a height where Bugs can easily touch them, which was really what I’d intended for them since embarking on this crazy project!


Time for a cup of tea and some much needed rest now! Have a great day everyone!



One thought on “Hamming it up

  1. Daphne, I love those lights!! So cute! Did you follow a pattern or were there out of your imagination? Seeing them makes me want to pick up my needles, I haven’t knitted in months 😦

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