Lighting up the town

Bugs, I can safely say, is a late sleeper. Well late in terms of bedtime timing and by toddler standards, from what I gathered from comparing notes. While other kids are preparing to drift off to dreamland, our little one is bright eyed and still full of energy, running about the house and playing to her hearts content.

We decided to take advantage of Bugs’s late bedtime tonight and head out for a little adventure into the city to see the Christmas lights.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve ventured into the city at night. The drive was really quite an experience. Seeing all the buildings lighted up at night always reminds me of how romantic Melbourne is at night.


The famous Manchester Unity building looked as splendid at night as it does in the day!


It took us quite a while to find parking as there were lots of people in town as well, most keen to check out the Christmas lights at the Melbourne Town hall. When we finally arrived at the venue, the light show had just started! Boy oh boy was it spectacular !


It was a relatively cool evening and the Christmas tunes that were playing in tandem with the light show did make things seem a lot more festive than usual! The light show was so colourful and animated, we all could not take our eyes off it.


We didn’t hang around for too long and headed home once the light show got a bit repetitive ( I was told it kind of runs almost non stop till 11pm which is very late in baby world).

A cheap and cheerful way to spend the evening that was well worth the effort to get there!

Have a great day everyone!

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