Milk and cookies

Merry Christmas everyone!Its the big day now as I write this! We’ve just managed to put Bugs to bed – it took quite a bit of convincing that Santa would only drop by the house only if she went to bed. Well we got there in the end and Santa is on his way here now, right after he finish his rounds in the rest of Oz.

Now a little bird told me that Santa likes milk and cookies as a snack. And that he would very much appreciate it if a little something was left out for him when he dropped by to deliver the all important presents.

So we got down to business this evening and decided to make some jam drops for the big man!


You can tell The Dude was not too keen on jam in his biscuits by the tiny amount that dotted the top of each jam drop. Despite that, they still smelt pretty amazing baking in the oven!


Filling up the cookie tin with all these cute little red dotted circles really made out evening!


We did a taste test and the jam drops were to die for! I think Santa is going to be really pleased with them! Now its off to bed so that the magic can happen!



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