A record of days

One of the reasons I love blogging is that it’s a really great way to record down things, kind of like a diary but way cooler with pictures!

We celebrate our second Christmas with Bugs visiting a couple of favourite destinations. First up, a trip to the city to check out the famous Myer Christmas windows!


I was half expecting the city to be quiet and empty but the place was packed with throngs of people, most of them having the same idea that we had. We took a quick glimpse and headed off to our second destination….


The fabulous botanic gardens! It was a cool and sunny day, perfect for heading outdoors and packing a picnic, which was what lots of people who visited the place did! While The Dude and I kicked ourselves for not bringing any picnic gear along with us, Bugs had heaps of fun running through the gardens and exploring the plants that caught her eye…


Including this massive looking one called the Titan Arum which the Gardens had been lovingly nurturing for the past 7 years! The people at the Gardens are eagerly waiting for it to bloom, I was told. Anytime now, was the answer I got when I enquired further.


Christmas day for us ended with a trip to the lake to feed the ducks! A nice and quiet one for us this year! Hope your Christmas day is great!



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