Under the sea

I’m loving the summer holidays! The Dude’s taken a bit of time off work which means we’ve been spending lots of time having fun together as a family!
Today’s adventure was none other than a trip to the Melbourne Aquarium!


The first thing that catches your eye as you step in are these adorable little chaps!


It took me a while to realise that these were real penguins as they were standing still for a bit! Bugs was very fascinated with these cute little critters!

There was a nice little rock pool filled with marine creatures on site for the kids to explore…


This is Bugs’s hand reaching out to touch a starfish – brave little girl she is!


The jellyfish exhibits were quite mesmerising….


But they could not hold a candle to the amazing oceanarium! It really felt like we were walking under the sea!


The creatures inhabiting the space were pretty impressive too – like the giant manta ray….


And the scary sharks!


A pretty cool way to spend a Thursday! Have a whale of a time today folks!



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