The new ride

Meet the Bugsmobile – the cardboard car that The Dude and I worked on after dinner today and Bugs’s newest ride!


The Bugsmobile is the brainchild of The Dude who brought home a big cardboard box from work sometime ago and realised that it would be better used as a toy than dumping it straight into the bin! With a bit of help from some markers, cello paper and our trusty Makedo kit, we set to work on making The Dude’s vision a reality.


The Dude did most of the drawings that you see on the Bugsmobile. Here he is working on the license plate.


The interiors of the Bugsmobile were all handdrawn by him – check out the back of the car…


And the gears, steering wheel and all those other important stuff located at the front of the car!


We knew it is quite important to teach kids about road safety from an early age so a special learners plate was made and mounted right at the back, where it’s easy to spot from afar!


Once it was up and running, naturally we had to bring it for a test drive!


The Bugsmobile works like a charm! I foresee multiple car rides around the house in our future!

Have a great day everyone!



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