A new start

Happy new year in advance everyone! It’s been a crazy exhausting day over in the household today due to us scuttling all over the place to run errands and messing up nap times! That probably means that we’ll be heading to bed soon and not be awake for the moment when 2012 becomes 2013!

But what a year it has been! 2012 has been such an awesome year in so many ways! So many milestones, so many moments, its difficult to really pinpoint which one is a favourite! Let’s just say all of them are my favourites! And most of all, I’ve been really blessed to be able to experience it all with a loving and healthy family by my side!

I’m ending today’s short and sweet post with a picture and a thank you! A picture of Bugs taken at around the same time last year, well, for my record purposes really – looking at it reminds me of how quickly she has grown in 2012!

A big thank you to all you lovely lovely readers for your support in the year – may 2013 be as or even more fantastic the year that was for you!

See you all in the new year folks!



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