Holiday updates

It’s the start of a brand new year and we are just easing back into our everyday routine after a fantastic few weeks on holiday! Not that we went away to anywhere special, it was just really nice to hang around and enjoy each other’s company for a change!

It’s been an enjoyable summer holiday – we’ve made quite a few visits to the pool (especially on those crazy hot days)….


Visited a farm or two so that Bugs could get acquainted with the goats (they are her favourite animal of the moment)…



And the chickens…


The zoo was a pretty cool experience too….


Especially when there was a chance to pretend to be a zoo keeper by feeding soft toy animals with plastic vegetables!


Our surprise find this holiday was a trip to the beach at sunset
-an invigorating and extremely sandy experience for our hair and shoes….


We’ve spent our summer evenings indulging in quite a bit of popcorn….


And baking – this marble cake was totally worth the effort it took to get those separate colours!


And the best part of all, I think, is that summer is not yet over! Lots more fun to come ! Especially when this baby is in town….


My brand new sewing machine! I have The Dude to thank for this! I’ve been busy exploring this amazing tool – couldn’t resist making a trip to Spotlight to pick up some fabric and sewing this for Bugs!


I am not the only creative one at home lately, Bugs has been showing her artistic side as well – that’s her latest masterpiece (with a bit of input from The Dude and me)….


2013 is looking great so far, I’m looking forward to another exciting year of blogging! Signing off with a picture with the new friends we made over the holidays!

Till later folks !



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