Oh I am so excited that I can finally share what’s been happening in my knitting space now that the recipient has got the gift! Behold everyone – Bergamota, a little shawlette in a luscious citrusy red!


Bergamota was an extremely enjoyable knit ! It was the first time that I’d knotted with Malabrigo lace yarn and it was so much fun feeling the soft wool and seeing the project unravel!


Bergamota is the perfect size (I think) for those cool summer nights when you just need a little wispy something to adorn your shoulders or neck. Here it is laid out to dry after a mild wash near to some unsightly bananas.


Add a little bottle of wool wash to the care package….


Finish off with a big pink bow and our little birthday surprise is all ready to be gifted!


Gift giving is so much fun! I hope you enjoyed this post as I did putting it together!

See you later alligator!

Find out more about the pattern for Bergamota here !

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