Sunny side up

We’ve been hit unfortunately by a terrible stomach bug recently. By we, I mean all of us, the whole tribe. Tragic, I know. Especially since it was over the Australia Day long weekend!

It started with Bugs early one morning. By dinner, The Dude and I were taking turns making sprints to the toilet. Thankfully all of that unnecessary exercise lasted a day. By Monday, things felt a lot brighter (and lighter -an unfortunate side effect).

We mustered up enough strength today to head out to our beloved IKEA for a change of scenery. Being cooped up at home for three days does make one a bit stir crazy after a while.

Anyway we picked up this cute little basket of felt vegetable toys that Bugs had a blast playing instore! I love everything about it – from the pull apart lettuce leaves to the lifelike button mushrooms, only thing was it costed us fifteen bucks!


Pretty pricey if you picked up the other sets as well – a brekkie set, fruit basket, sandwich, salmon and of course dessert, five extra sets in total which meant an extra sixty five bucks or eighty bucks in total for the collection! That’s quite a bit of chump change for toy food I thought!

So I whipped out my trusty crochet hook, selected a suitable pattern and coloured yarn….


And hooked up a fried egg while Bugs took a snooze in the afternoon!


This was so fun and quick I had to make another! Now this vegetable basket looks more protein enriched than it did before!


We all know eggs are good for you! Just make sure one doesn’t land where it doesn’t belong!


Hmmmm I wonder what I can make next… There are a few ideas, I’ll have to sleep on it to decide!

Till later everyone!

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