Shorts story

Summer is the time for…..

Lazy evening walks and camel rides (only valid if you weigh less than 15 kg)…..


And shorts! Yes – shorts!


Lots and lots of shorts!


The sewing machine and I have been busy lately you see, churning out pair after pair of this summer essential wardrobe item. Here’s the most recent pair that’s just done , made with some cute Spot the dog fabric, which Bugs is a fan of.


It wasn’t completely on easy street making a pair of shorts. I am still quite the novice sewer. The first pair of shorts came up too small- a bit disappointing but luckily enough, it was just the right size for one special member in the household!


The second time round was way more successful (as you can see from Bugs modelling the shorts in the pictures above).

So I was really encouraged with my successful shorts story to date and decided to try my hand at making a pair of pyjama pants! Kind of like shorts but longer, yes?

This tutorial that I found online was a real gem. It took me just under two hours ( with a few brief pauses taken to read a story to the little one when required) to finish a pair and here’s how it looks…..


Not bad eh? It passed the wear test too- Bugs was quite happy prancing around in them when we tried them on her yesterday evening!


A new pair of pants for just about everyone around the house, just in time for the Chinese new year! I think it’s safe to say we’re all happy here!


Have a great day everyone!


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