How to make a robot

Here’s how we make a robot…


Take one body and add on some eyes…..


Install in the antenna at the top of the head….


Fix on the arms….


And the wheels (how else does a robot get around!)….


And voila! One robot or Luvbot as the brilliant Anna Hrachovec who designed this pattern calls it!


Mildred or Milly in short (my robot’s name – I’m terrible with coming up with techie names) was a stealth knit – I had to hide it from The Dude while I was working on it. That meant knitting during Bugs’s naptime as quickly as I could!

Milly’s hands looked a bit empty so I knitted up a mini pink heart for her to hold! There! Doesn’t she look much happier now?


Add a little note…


And my Valentine’s Day gift for The Dude is complete! Yay!


It was M&M’s for The Dude last year, hopefully he doesn’t mind the lack of chocolate this year! After all, as our favourite author Mo Willems puts it, how can anyone be sad around a robot!?


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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