Piece of cake


We visited the toy library recently to return and refresh our toys. That’s Bugs playing happily with this shape sorting toy – anything that keeps her sitting still for more than five minutes and does not require batteries (Humans not counted) is a real surprise to me!

Anyway we picked up this pamphlet while we were there….


Yeap! It’s cake stall time again! How quick the year has flown by! This round we managed to get a recipe sheet of suggested cakes to make, just in case one had difficulty in finding a cake recipe to use!

The cake monsters in us just had to give some of the recipes a go. First up, a delicious and spicy apple and cinnamon teacake!


Mmmmm this was truly the perfect complement to a cup of steaming hot tea for the afternoon!


The next one that we made – a lemon yoghurt cake was a real winner in our books on a couple of fronts: One – it was ridiculously easy to make. All we had to do was to put all the ingredients into a food processor and give it a whizz….


Pop the mix in the oven for an hour or so and after all that, you have one perfect cake on your hands! I love how even this cake rose in the oven! It smelt incredibly lemony too while it was baking!


Now the second reason as to why this cake is a winner is that it tastes great! Moist and fluffy, citrusy and not too sweet, this cake was the perfect perk me up for a hot summer’s day!


When life gives you lemons, use two and some yoghurt to make a cake!

Hope you are keeping cool somewhere ! I’ll end off with a picture of Bugs siting in a tub of water during playgroup this morning!



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