A new purpose

Bugs’s been eating tons lately which meant that we’ve been needing to buy new and bigger clothes for her. Like this plain white tee that we got from K Mart recently.


Only problem that it got a bit stained after the resident Picasso had a drawing session on herself – you can kind of make out the blue and brown stains in the picture below.


I thought it was a real pity to throw an almost brand new tee away. So after a few moments of googling, I decided to make it into a tee shirt dress!

There’s heaps of tutorials online that you can find on how to make one so what I did is nothing new. First step: cut the tee to desired length. This was a great chance for me to cut away that stained portion!


Next I got some fabric for the skirt bit….


Sewed and gathered up the fabric….


Pinned and sewed it to the previously cut up tee….


Added a little bias tape to the end of the skirt (because as usual I am a klutz in measuring the length of the skirt and it came up a bit shorter than expected)….


And voila! One tee shirt dress done!


I’m pretty stoked at the results! I can foresee I’ll be making more dresses the same way in the near future! Especially with the little artist in the house!

Here’s another shot of the dress – have a great day folks!



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