White night

Once a year, the city of Melbourne comes alive at night, all night! We are talking 7 pm to 7 am here people! This special event, otherwise known as White Night, was what we got up to yesterday evening! It was a definite must see for us given that Bugs is a late sleeper and more importantly, that this was the very first time such an event was held in Melbourne!

This was how packed it was near Federation Square at 7.30 pm! It felt as if almost the whole of Melbourne had come down to the city just to experience the various music and art performances that were being staged around the clock!


Of course we had to take a picture of the huge White Night sign as we passed it!


We spent some time sitting on the field outside Hamer Hall enjoying the awesome jazz performance that was going on…


At the NGV, a beautiful and surreal art installation called Bouquet Final 2 by Michel Blazy entranced us….


It’s difficult to make out from the picture but that white stuff is actually floral scented foam!



Outside the Gallery, artwork was being projected on the walls! I think they call it an electric canvas – so so cool!



Things continued getting busier as the night progressed and we decided to call it a day (or night) early before traffic home started to get difficult. But what an experience it was ! I’m looking forward to next year’s event! I’m sure the family is too!

Have a lovely Sunday folks!



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