Cool apples

This is Bugs’s favourite book of the moment…


In it, Gerald the Elephant ponders about whether it not to share his delicious ice cream with his best pal, Piggie. Only thing is that he has to make the decision fast….


Inspired by the story (especially after reading it more than ten times a day), I thought it would be a pretty cool ( pardon the pun) idea to make an ice cream for Bugs. Especially after this free knitted ice cream pattern caught my eye!

There’s three delectable ice cream varieties to choose from but I wanted to stick as close to what Gerald had as possible. So I chose the simple sugar cone and classic scoop combo.

So here you go….. One fat free, unmeltable ice cream (grass flavoured I suspect) for a hot day!


On other news, I’ve made my seventh pair of shorts for Bugs! Seven! Can you believe it? I can’t! All i know is that I’m totally addicted to shorts now!


This pair was sewn slightly differently to the previous pairs. I’m loving the waist band finish – that’s the book that I referred to in the background, a Japanese sewing book. It took some time to figure out what to do from the pictures but I’m glad it all worked out in the end!


It’s almost the end of Feb! Where has the time gone? Hope your day is sunny and sweet! Till later!


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