One more for the road

Summer is officially over now but that doesn’t mean that we stop indulging in summery things…..

Like good old ice cream, for instance! Especially if they are of the guilt free and fibre rich variety!


This cool little baby was a birthday gift for a close pal. Sprinkles (and added sugar) always make things look a lot brighter don’t you think? I added a little tag to the ice cream to complete the gift.


We packed our fake ice cream together with some real homemade vanilla ice cream, cones and of course, sprinkles! One birthday prezzie all done and dusted and ready to be delivered to the recipient!


With autumn now underway, I’ve started to pick up my knitting a bit more than usual, can’t wait for the weather to turn cold so that this becomes a lot more comforting and less sweaty!


I guess we should count our blessings – the weather is still nice and warm and perfect for long strolls in the park!


Not complaining as long as there is sunshine everyday!

Have a great day folks!

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