A new lesson

Parenthood teaches you a lot of things…..


Like how the rules that you grew up thinking were important are actually not….


Like how sometimes just letting go and relishing in the moment can make life a lot more happier than it usually is…


Especially when there’s water play involved!


The old me would have pulled Bugs away from the water feature, fearing that she might catch a chill (something which I’d grown up listening to) or dreading the inconvenience of needing to change a feisty toddler out of wet and into dry clothes.

But hey, summer is officially over, there aren’t many hot beautiful days left so why not enjoy it while we still can!


I’m hoping that i can keep up my new live in the moment mantra as much as possible! There’s lots more of life to enjoy this way! We are off now to soak up more of the sun and snack on new season mandarins! See you soon!



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