Decision time

For some very weird reason, we seem to be back in summer. The weather has been blazing hot the last couple of days, which makes lots of things uncomfortable.

Thank goodness most of my knitting is complete, now with these two later projects that I’m about to share out of the way!

First up, a little shrug in a deep red colour aptly titled Budapest!


The Budapest shrug has a lovely leaf lace pattern along the edges, including the sleeves as seen below…


Choosing buttons to complete the garment did give me a bit of a headache. I’d initially chosen some sparkly red ones – see those three buttons in my hand. But they only came in a set of three (I needed four) and it was the really last set. So I settled for some metal ones instead. Still works out well I think!


I’d faced the same issue when I finished my latest project – a lovely cardigan that I’ve named Champagne, after the beautiful Red Riding Hood yarn its knitted in!


These pale pink ones were nice but they seemed a bit lost amongst the pink and yellow flecked yarn…


My personal favourite were these pearl oyster shell ones….


But they were a bit too big for the buttonholes…


Same with these wooden butterfly ones that Bugs picked out (she’s into butterflies now), they were just too fiddly to pass smoothly through the holes!


So we finally settled on these antique looking plastic buttons instead! Doesn’t look too bad yah!


I’m really happy with the results and especially of the fact that these were completed before Easter! They are both going to be my little birthday presents for Bugs who turns two next week! *Gasp! My baby is two! How time flies!*

Bugs’s still a little young for bubbles but at least she’ll have Champagne for her birthday!


Find out more about the designer for my Budapest shrug, Stephanie Japel, here!

And click here to find out more about Georgie Hallam who designed my Champagne cardigan!


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