Balm for the soul

Happy Good Friday everyone! I am blogging from the Mornington Peninsula today as that’s where we are spending our Easter break! Isn’t that exciting, my first out of town post for the year?

We went for a little bit of a hike today when we visited Cape Schanck. It’s right at the tip of one part of the peninsula where the famous lighthouse is.


We took the walking trail near the lighthouse and followed the road, passing by glimpses of the ocean….


Until we came to this – a boardwalk that bordered from the top of the mountain right till the bottom where the beach was at!


I must confess I’m terrified of heights so I was gripping really tightly to the wooden rails as I carefully made my way down!

The Dude had to remind us to pause and take in the scenery at various points before we actually reached the end of the boardwalk!



After trekking downhill for what felt like eternity (in reality only twenty minutes)….


We finally reached the foot of the mountain and pebble beach!


We would have hung around longer but the skies looked pretty gloomy so it was time to head back – up the same way we came!


It’s amazing how rejuvenated you feel after taking in as magnificent an ocean view as what we saw today! A perfect start to the Easter holiday indeed!

Have a great day folks!



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