The Easter update

Ok so Easter is officially over and I’m a little late in updating my posts. But that’s because we’ve been having lots of fun touring the peninsula!

Easter for us began with the traditional unwrapping of the chocolate eggs….


Once we had taken care of that, it was off to the grounds of the beautiful Heronswood gardens for a visit!



The Diggers club is also on site. I was really tempted to get a few seedlings and seed packets home, especially after we spotted this….


And this and lots more amazing produce during our walk through the gardens!


But the Dude reminded me about our success rate with gardening -currently its pretty dismal. So instead we did the more sensible thing and spent our money at the lovely cafe onsite indulging in this gorgeous orange flour less cake!


Our next and final two destinations were to beaches. First up, the Dromana foreshore….


And then to the famous Gunammatta beach where we managed to catch incredible views of the surf and the ocean beach!


Bugs had a ball exploring the gardens and the beaches. But she was especially thrilled when the Easter bunny paid a visit in the evening bearing, yes, more chocolate eggs! Here he is, the Easter bunny that I’d crocheted a few weeks ago….


And watching tv with us after we had consumed his gifts of joy…


The holidays have been fantastic for all of us! Hopefully they have been for you too!

Till later folks!



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