Homemade surprise

Hello Everyone! Its been a bit quiet over here, hasn’t it? I do have quite some catching up to do but first I’ll start off with this little update of what we’ve been up to!

It’s the eve of Mother’s day and The Dude and I have been busy crafting a gift for his mom.


Since The Dude can’t (and won’t) attempt to knit or crochet, our gift had to be something quick and easy to make! And something practical and memorable of course!

So I was really happy to find this handy online video tutorial on how to make an accordion photo album!

Now, if you like me, have checked out the photo albums in the shops and thought twice about getting one after finding out how much they costed, then this tutorial is really for you! All it needs is some card stock paper, a brad and some elastic and you are good to go!

The tutorial was so easy to follow hat we finished our accordion photo album in under two hours! Here’s our end result….


A little star shaped brad holds the black elastic in place….


Which helps hold everything together nicely like so!


Stick this album in a specially marked envelope….


And we are good to go!


It’s the perfect mini brag book for grandma I think! Pretty sure it’s going to be a hit! Have a lovely Mother’s day folks!



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