Keeping the spirits up

The weather has been a bit too cold for my liking recently so I’ve consciously tried to engage in some sunny activities to keep the winter gloom away.

Like munching on cheese sandwiches – that’s my third one in a row today….


And knitting with some summery yellow yarn, looking at huge colours just make me feel warmer and brighter already!


When all else fails, it’s time to head indoors for some inside fun! Thank goodness the NGV has got that covered with their latest exhibition for kids – The Call of the Walls by Robin Rhode!


See these geometric shapes on the wall that have been coloured in ?


They’ve been coloured in by kids using these giant crayons that are currently on display!


Being an inclusive exhibition and all, there is obviously a spot for one to unleash your inner creativity on some of the walls within the exhibit itself!


Bugs was more interested in the geometric shapes this time round ( pointing out circles is her recent obsession), maybe I’ll get her keen on drawing on the walls next time round!

Have a great day folks!


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