A whole lotta cake

Oooooh I’m pretty excited about this post – now that the recipient has received the gift, all can finally be revealed!

We very recently held a baby shower at playgroup for a friend who is due pretty soon. So what’s a baby shower without presents ! We had to get one, especially for the impending bundle of joy!

Now I had in mind that a nappy cake might be the ideal present for such an occasion. What’s a nappy cake, you ask? It’s a “cake” that’s made out of nappies with little bits and bobs hidden within (ill explain more later on).

Problem was that commercially available nappy cakes are quite pricey. A decent one could cost a minimum of a hundred dollars or more!

So I did a bit of googling and found this really simple tutorial that explained the basics step by step! The Internet is so amazing for these sort of stuff I think!

Here’s how I made our nappy cake baby shower gift:

First of all, you start off with a pack of nappies….


And then roll each one up and secure each roll with a rubber band. That’s The Dude rolling up nappies in the picture, he was a huge help in constructing this gift!


Half an hour later, tah dah!!! All 54 nappies rolled up!


The next step was the exciting bit – constructing the cake! Especially when we had to hide all of these stuff inside the cake as well!


We used a cake pan to help mould out the shape and stuffed a couple of vests right in the middle of the ring of nappies . That’s our first layer done right there!


Repeat the same process with the next two layers….


And voila! One nappy cake constructed!


The final step was to decorate the cake! Pretty fun and creative part! We used a few receiving blankets to wrap the outside of each layer….


Added some pretty blue ribbon and topped it off with a cute soft toy and presenting to you, ladies and gents…. Our finished nappy cake baby shower gift!


We then finally wrapped it up in cello and ribbon to be presented to the mom to be at the baby shower!


D.I.Y is lots of fun! It’s amazing what you can make with your own hands ! Thanks to The Dude for helping me on this big project!

I hope your day is going great, till later folks!



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