My Upsy Daisy moment

Hello there!! Its been a while, hasn’t it? We’ve been quiet all winter – staying indoors and hibernating for the better part of the time. The good news is that its finally spring! Hooray to warmer and longer days and fun in the sun! And to new beginnings!


I’ve been busy searching for all things bright to work with craft wise, perhaps that might speed up the sunshine? Anyway, when I came across this piece of fabric during a recent trip to IKEA, I immediately knew it had to be made into a bag….. for me!!


I have this issue of the Mollie Makes magazine to thank for this latest creation which took me just under 3 hours to stitch up! That’s pretty amazing if you consider how many mistakes I generally make for any sewing project!


I’ve lined the bag with this cute woodland forest print which I’d found while packing up my fabric stash. Speaking about that, must make sure I do not buy any more fabric, the amount that I have is more than double Bugs’s height all stacked up!


I love the little details that the pattern has included in like this little ribbon ( ok I know mine says Thank You but that was pretty much all I had on hand)  which helps secure the bag to the button as shown in the picture below.


The Dude took one look at it and commented that it reminded him of Upsy Daisy from the “In the Night Garden” series! What a clever name! Henceforth, dear readers,  this bag shall be known as the Upsy Daisy bag ! I think Upsy Daisy herself seems quite pleased with this brillant stroke of ingenuity !


The first post after such a long hiatus! I’ve lots more to blog about, hopefully it won’t be too long before the next post! Have a sunny day folks!

P.S : Did anyone spot the new blog name?? More snazzy than the old name, yes? I told you Spring is about embracing new things!


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