A bucket for a baby

Oooooh! I’m pretty excited about this post! Especially since I’ve just completed it! Like literally a few hours ago! So without much further ado, presenting……. my very first handmade fabric bucket!


A good friend of mine is expecting her baby very soon so I thought a little handmade container of sorts would be useful in some form or another! We all know how much stuff babies need, wouldn’t it be great if there was something nice to hold some of it in?

The inside of the bucket is lined with a cheery animal quilted print – you can kind of see it peeking out from the picture below.


I followed the pattern for the fabric bucket from this book that was gifted to me recently by The Dude –Zakka Handmades, by the very talented Amy Morinaka (check out her lovely blog here !). The instructions were so clear and helpful, I was able to finish this project over the weekend! In between juggling the housework, chasing after Bugs and making sure we did what we wanted to do, that was no mean feat!


Now I need to pack all of these little gifts that I’d bought for mom and baby into the bucket before Hurricane Bugs goes through them!


Oh goody! They all fit perfectly! Excuse the messy house in the background!Hopefully the recipient loves it! Either way, I’m tempted to make a couple of fabric buckets for myself now! Have a nice day folks!



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