Fun in the sun



Oh happy day! Don’t you just love it when the weekend is here? Especially if the weather is great? We’ve had a run of dreary Melbourne weather recently so it was really nice to see the sun shining and warmer weather returning. Which meant that we had to get outdoors and experience the warmth while it lasted!

The Royal Botanic Gardens are always top on our list of places to visit when the weather is gorgeous! So it was a really nice surprise when we stumbled upon a couple of free activities that the Gardens held on the day we visited! Like this free movie screening…….


And face painting for the kids…..


Of course Bugs had to get her hand painted! This was what she got – very pretty huh! Bugs was very happy with it, especially with blue being her favorite colour and all!


A pit stop to the Children’s Garden was where we went next! There were lots of digging, exploring in the mud and mud cake making…..


Walking in the streams of water to cool off from the hot sun….


When a leaf or twig proved a bit too interesting, a closer look was in order……


Since it was a fairly hot day, the main water feature was turned on, which attracted most of the kids, keen to play with the squirts of water and have fun splashing around.


After all that activity, we had to stop for lunch (and a change of clothes). I packed a simple picnic of some homemade ham and egg sandwiches, a mediterranean potato salad (fancy!), fruits and some store bought cinnamon doughnuts (they were too irresistable to pass up!). We were so hungry that we polished off everything that you see in the photo here!


The flowers are currently in full bloom now, given that its Spring. So it was really nice to be able to stop and smell the roses in the Rose Pavillion as we made our way back home from a fun filled outing!


Hope your weekend is going great! Till later everyone!


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