Better late than never

‘Tis the season it seems for all things orange and black…..especially orange!


See those cute mini pumpkins in the picture above? We were really lucky to be gifted one of them by the stall owner while Bugs was snooping around the area during our weekly market shop!


This real mini pumpkin is just the perfect companion for Claude! Who is Claude you ask? Why, he’s the pumkin toy that I knitted up just in time for the spooky season!


Claude is a looooong overdue knit. Knitting actually began last year in October! But I got a bit distracted and tired and Claude was set aside for another day! Until recently, I was clearing my stash and found his uncompleted self sitting in a project bag. Thank goodness I found and completed him before Halloween is over!

Claude comes complete with a pie case (that’s the flimsy beige and gray thing he is sitting in) and a witch’s hat with a tiny pumpkin bobble hanging from the end!


We think he looks much better sitting outside of his pie case, don’t you agree? More cute and less like an edible snack?


Have a happy spooky Halloween!!


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