Stamping up!

It’s fun when you get to try new things……

Like trying a new recipe for classic blueberry muffins (thanks David Herbert! This was the best muffin recipe ever- chockful of blueberries in each bite!)……



Attempting a new sewing pattern and finally succeeding after three tries …..Yippeee! This was my eureka moment of the week! A new bateau shirt for Bugs that’s preppy enough to make a fashion statement!


At The Dude’s special request, I included in a little tag made from some scrap fabric to mark the back of the shirt (helps with putting on clothes quick on a squirmy toddler). Blends very well with the overall finished product, methinks!


For Bugs, her new thing of the weeek was adding stamping to her usual painting repetoire – using okra and this hand carved stamp that I found in the Gardens shop on a recent visit.


It adds another dimension to her current creative expression outlet – here’s the result after the latest art session!


I’m pretty proud of this piece – this was 99.9% Bugs (0.1% with a little help from mommy)! It’s her best painting to date and 120% fridge worthy in my opinion! So now this sits right in the centre of our fridge display where we can all admire whenever we open the fridge, along with this…..


Yeap! The little artist was really inspired today! Not one but two magnificent paintings! Now this one is a mixed media piece – paints and stickers (the butterfly and penguin), very avant garde I must say!

Trying new things is lots of fun! Hopefully there’s more for us to explore in the very near future! Have a great day folks!


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