A sliver of summer

We had a little taste of summer over the weekend…..


It was the perfect opportunity for some splashing good fun….


And picnics! Of course! Especially when it’s all homemade! Cheap and chic always thrills me!



But what’s summer, really, if we don’t have this……


If you’re thinking along the lines of icy poles, you are absolutely right! This Jamie Oliver Yoghurt Pop recipe was especially handy to have when the weather was warm. I love how simple and fast it was to make as well! Plus, it was the perfect excuse to use these new Tupperware icy pole moulds that I’d recently acquired! First, gather all your ingredients – we used banana and strawberries in our yoghurt pop version….


Throw everything in a blender and give it a good whizz…..


Sweeten the mix with honey and pour into mould like so…..


Wait very patiently for the icy pops to set and once that’s done….. voila! One super healthy super yummy yoghurt pop ready to cool you down on those hot summer days!


Of course, on some days, one is never enough so perhaps two might do the trick?


Have a fab day everyone!


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