Jammin’ it up

*Squeeee* I love that the christmas edition of the Donna Hay maagzine has finally hit the shelves! Had to get meself a copy and thumb through the inspiring pages!


Look at these cute little gingerbread houses with snow capped icing roofs! Donna Hay makes it look so easy! I’ve earmarked this for a project for the family to work on over the weekend! Hopefully it turns out as nice as the magazine photos!


Speaking of christmas, can you believe its less than 6 weeks away? We are trying to be a bit more organized compared to previous years. Our letter to Santa has already been mailed….


This year’s letter was written on some specially Bugs designed stationery! The little one has been pretty good the whole year, hopefully the jolly old man and his reindeer troop pay a special visit as requested in her letter!


There’s also been quite a bit of mashing and boiling…..


And bottling of delicious fruity goodness…..


To make and stock up on homemade jam! The latest batch that we whipped up was cherry.


It’s fantastic that stonefruits and berries are in season now. The troop has been indulging in tons and tons of them ever since they popped up on the market. And also in lots of toast and jam – its practically what we eat for breakfast and afternoon tea nowadays!


I’ve also started my christmas crafting and sewed up a set of these festive bell pepper shaped coasters with some seasonal fabric! Working with those christmassy prints (especially plum pudding printed fabric) to christmas music blasting in the background does put you in the mood for all things jolly!  That’s how the front of the coaster looks like…


And here’s how the back looks like! Quite like a bell pepper yes?


Since Bugs is quite into soft toys too at the moment, I’ve also drummed up my sewing efforts a bit and sewed this cute Kokeshi soft toy for her over the weekend! This was really easy to sew up using the beautiful fabric panel from the Hello Tokyo range from Robert Kaufman, designed by Lisa Tilse of The Red Thread!


Bugs is not that into pink so the back of the toy had to be in a shade that was her favorite colour. Again, I used the beautiful fabric from the range to complete the project, isn’t it great how the colours and patterns all coordinate!


I think its fair to say it was love at first sight just looking at this picture! Yay to quick and easy sewing projects!


*Phew* That was a mega post and a mega few weekends for us! Time to have a cup of (rosy) tea and take some time out to smell the roses! See you later alligator!



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