Indoor activities

When the weather is decidedly grey and unpredictable…..


it means its indoor time for us. Lots of rolling….


and stamping….


To make gingerbread cookies ! Perfect for a rainy day! This recipe was straight out from the Christmas edition of the Donna Hay magazine. Our cookies don’t look as stunning as the ones in the mag but I guess in a way its good practice for when we finally do make that impressive looking gingerbread house!


Remember how I said at the start that the weather is quite unpredictable? Well its freezing cold now as I blog this but we’ll be right smack in summer in a couple of days time, with temperatures hitting 30 degrees or more! So since we were stuck at home for the better part of the day, I made a pair of summer shorts for Bugs that will tide us over the upcoming heatwave!


Bugs has grown quite a bit since the last time I made shorts for her (which was really last summer). I had to size up an existing pattern – glad it all worked out in the end, fits her with a bit of ease for her to grow into over the next few months!


Like the rest of the other bottoms that I’ve sewn recently, this comes with a little tag on the back. I’m loving how adding this little detail adds to the cuteness of the overall garment, besides also the obvious fact that it helps in differentiating back and front when dressing!


Our bickie container is now full…


Time for us to go now and indulge in the fruits of our labour! Have a happy day everyone!



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