And the countdown begins….

Ok I’m a teensy late on this post but as they say, better late than never! The troop has been busy lately, crafting up this year’s advent calendar. We could have used last year’s version….


The envelopes are still in pretty good shape and it would have been pretty easy to set up. But we (yes I admit, it was more me…) decided that we should have a brand new one so that meant that we had to get busy making one from scratch!

This year, I found this really cool (and free) template to make some DIY geometric gift boxes to make up the advent calendar! The instructions recommend that you print out the template on some card stock paper but since I didn’t have access to a printer, I had to do it the old fashion way….

Tracing out the template on some paper by hand…..


Cutting it out and drawing the fold lines, again by hand….



Once all that was done, it was time to fold the template….


Fold and glue up the edges….


And voila! One cute little geometric advent box complete!


Comes with a cute little lid too, perfect for adding in a little note and filling with (not too many) chocolate!


It took us some time to finish all 24 of those boxes. Here’s the little inspector checking to make sure they each meet the quality standards…..


But once they were done, filled and sealed, it was time to hang them up ! With the help of some sticky tape and ribbon!


This year’s advent calendar was a bit more effort as compared to last year but the end result looks waaaay cuter! The troop had lots of fun putting this together in time for the countdown, hope you enjoy it too!




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