Down at the workshop

At Santa’s workshop this weekend, the christmas helpers were hard at work…..


Mixing and whisking and rolling dough into tiny little balls…..


All to bake up a huge batch of chocolate chip macadamia cookies!


Now these cookies are not for personal consumption, they were going to be our edible gifts for The Dude’s office this year! Going handmade does add that extra special touch, not to mention that it is pretty wallet friendly as well! Again, Donna Hay was an invaluable resource which we turned to when sourcing out what to make for the (office) masses!

Packing these little gems was great fun! We cramped as many as we could into these little brown kraft boxes… See how The Dude is wearing gloves in the picture below to ensure that hygeine standards did not falter


Each box was then sealed with a little special sticker….


and then finished off with a gift tag and some red ribbon! There you go! Ten pretty little boxes ready to be gifted away as prezzies!


Here’s another shot of them from another angle, I thought I add another picture in to remember how they all look like before they disappear away tomorrow!


*Phew* That’s one big item off our to-do list! Big thanks to Bugs for pitching in with the baking and for eating the leftover chocolate chips! Have a fantastic weekend folks!



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