Cookies and milk

How quickly December is going by! Can you believe Christmas is just next week! Admidst all the hustle and bustle of daily life and preparing for the festive season, I took a little time out to make a little something for the big man when he swings by on Christmas eve…… Presenting our Christmas Snack Mat!


There’s a spot to place a few baked treats….


A  spot for a cool and nutritious beverage…..


And of course some space for some, erm, leftovers! In case Santa forgets to leave the presents after his snack, I’m hoping the colourful Riley Blake Christmas Gifts fabric print serves as a subtle reminder!


The back of the snackmat is this gorgeous christmas cupcake fabric print from Spotlight that was going at a massive discount (Go thrifty me!)!


I followed this very handy tutorial designed by the fabulous Amy from the inspiring and popular Nanacompany blog  – one of my absolute favorite craft blogs to read and swoon over! I didn’t add some of the details as per the original design (like the frill trim) but this little ribbon tag with tiny embroidered apples did make it to our version! It was just too cute to pass up!


This was heaps of fun to make! Not too far now before Christmas swings by! I’m getting very excited with all this crafting! Hope your day is going great too!




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