A new year a new bug

Meet Lola the ladybug, my 2013 handmade chrissie present for Bugs!


Isn’t she just adorable? Especially with a little crochet flower adorning her face! Who can not resist that cute little smile?


Lola was quite a bit of (sewing) effort! It took me quite a few late nights to put her together as I’m not that expert a sewer. The wings were probably the trickiest bit of Lola to make but ironically, the part of Lola that I love the most. Thank goodness the Melly and Me designers who designed the toy took my low skill level in mind and I’m glad she still turned out pretty nice in the end!


Now that 2013 is done and dusted and we are at the start of a new year, there’s definitely lots to look forward to!


May your 2014 be jam packed with lots of goodness! I’m catching up on my posts so look out for the next one coming up shortly!


One thought on “A new year a new bug

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