Keeping the tradition

‘Twas the night before christmas and the household was busy….


Putting up and decorating the christmas tree! Ok so we left it till quite late this year, but as they say, better late than never! Especially since we needed a place for Santa to put all the presents that he brought on Christmas eve!

Last year, I did up quite a few handmade christmas decorations to adorn the tree with. That’s Bugs holding one of the knitted stars that I made last year.


But somehow this year, time seems to have slipped me by and there weren’t any handmade decorations that I’d prepared in advance to decorate the tree with. Normally I would let it slide but I kind of felt quite guilty breaking the tradition. So with the help of our trusty sewing machine, some scraps of Christmas fabric and The Dude’s artistic skills in drawing (yeap that’s a template of a stocking there)…


I whipped up a couple of christmas stockings to hang on the tree!


Now they sit prettily on a couple of branches of the tree….


together with all the other decorations that we’d made from last year ( see the colourful star in the background of the picture below)!


Another christmas come and gone, stay tuned for the next post coming right up!


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