Made with love

If I could sum up Christmas this year in two-ish words, it would be “Handmade love”. This year, we designed and hand stamped our christmas cards and envelopes…..


These were the 2 different designs that we made this year! I personally don’t have a favorite, both look pretty festive to me!

IMG_9225 IMG_9229

A little bit of love also went into crocheting up a couple of tiny friends for some of Bugs’s friends…. like this pink girl bunny (very Peppa Pig-ish on second look)….


And this adorable blue puppy dog…


The sewing machine has been working hard throughout the November/ December period making these little Christmas treasure bags for some of Bugs’s close playgroup pals. They are a cinch to make and the perfect size to hide a little surprise toy in for little hands to explore!


Lots of crafting has been going on huh! But it’s not over yet folks, for I have a couple more posts to update! Stay tuned!



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