Sweet delight

I think I’ve found the sweetest fabric ever……this Yuwa french dessert printed fabric!


It has the cutest and sweetest delectable delights printed on it, like this adorable pink berry macaron!


This fabric was used to make a special gift for a thoughtful cousin of mine who is an exceptional baker in, you guessed it, macarons! Now macarons are notoriously tricky to make but not this particular one…..


Yeap that’s right – a crochet macaron! 100% sweetness and 200% fibre – the perfect guilt free snack for the health conscious individual!

This handmade delight was part of a little crafting kit that I put together – it includes the yarn, stuffing and the pattern instructions to make your own crochet macaron.

And that Yuwa fabric that I was raving about at the start of the post? That was used to make a little project bag to hold all of these essentials in!


Next to Lola the ladybug , I have to say that this macaron delight kit – little toy and all was my next favorite gift to put together this Christmas! Look! Everything fits perfectly in the handy project bag!


I still have some of the Yuwa fabric leftover, think its time for me to scoot off and make me a little project bag for my knitting! I’m done with posting for now, hooray! Time for a break! Till later everyone!


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