A special new beginning

It’s amazing how much life can change in a week….


To think just last week, this little guy wasn’t even in the world yet! Meet the newest member of our family and Bugs’s baby brother- Boo!


We’ve been quietly settling into our new life, things sure are different with Boo around. Bugs is definitely aware of his presence…


Mainly because things are not as quiet as before. Here we are looking ar him taking his first bath at home…


Not exactly the tranquil experience they portray in those baby commercials….


Bugs has been generally curious about Boo- hovering around and observing while we go about our tasks of looking after him. I’m not totally sure if she realises she’s a big sister now ((and the power that comes with the status) but bet that will come in time -especially when she realises there’s someone new at home to boss around!


I’d completely forgotten how tiny newborns are – from their clothes to their nappies, look at how small this little  hospital ID tag is! It’s smaller than the palm of my hand – how precious!


We celebrated Boo’s one week anniversary by indulging in a selection if our favorite pastries. Everything still feels quite surreal in some sense, especially considering how quickly time has flown by-Boo is a week old now! Soon my babies will be all grown up and out of the nest ….hmmmm… I think I’m jumping way ahead of myself here, think there’s still some time before it happens!


Right now The Dude and I are savouring the moment and enjoy as much of those little cuddles…whike they last! See you soon folks! Thanks for reading!



One thought on “A special new beginning

  1. I hadn’t even realised you were expecting, silly me must’ve missed the post! Congratulations Daphne, I am overjoyed for you, what fantastic news!
    Welcome to the world Boo, may your life be filled with joy and love and wonderful adventures.
    All my best wishes to all the family xxxxxx

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