How to make a Big Red Car cake

Bugs is officially at an age where she’s able to articulate the stuff that she wants / want us to do for her. So it was really no surprise when she requested a Big Red Car cake for her birthday, given she’s such a huge fan of The Wiggles and all.

I did a bit of research online and it turns out there’s quite a lot of free resources / advice from people on how to actually go about making a Big Red Car cake. So I thought I’ll add our experience to the pile and share with you how we went about constructing ours!

First of all, we used a Wilton car cake mould to bake the cake. The cake mould is pretty big and takes about three full packets of instant cake mix to fill it all up. It is best to bake the cake a day before you actually ice it so that the cake won’t be too soft and crumbly.

While the cake was cooling, The Dude got busy decorating the cake board. He used a bit of black tablecloth for the “road” on which the car would sit on and green card stock for the “grass” bordering the road. Here he is sticking decorative felt flowers onto the grass patch.


Here’s how our completed cake board looked like!


We then went on to make the Wiggles characters which would be used to decorate the cake and cake board. This basically involved cutting out preprinted colour images of the four Wiggles and their friends and pasting them onto card stock and then cutting them out. We then pasted a little skewer to the back of each figure and….

Voila! The Wiggles are ready to take a ride in their Big Red Car once it’s ready!



With the help of some ladybird erasers, the four Wiggles friends are also ready for their stroll in the grass patch!


Once we were ready to decorate the cake, the first thing we had to do was to make the car cake look like a convertible, which is really what the Big Red Car is. Cut off the hood very carefully as it’s really easy to cut off more than what’s needed if you are not paying attention!


We then used a simple buttercream icing, coloured using gel colours and piped the icing on the cake, using one of Bugs’s Big Red car toy as a reference.


For The Wiggles logo, I iced the main one on the front of the car and kind of cheated and used printed ones ( printed tiny ones and covered them in tape to laminate them) for the sides of the car.

I’m no expert at piping icing, it was quite a struggle covering the car cake with little red rosettes ! Especially when I realised that the buttercream icing softens very quickly which meant you had to work doubly fast! The wheels were also quite finicky to detail out as well given that you had to pipe four colours onto a tiny hubcap! All in all, it took us three hours to complete icing the cake! And here’s the end result, complete with all the decorations….




This was definitely the most memorable cake making experience by far for The Dude and I! Hopefully it was for Bugs too!



Thanks for reading, have a Wiggly good day!!



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