Sweet seconds

Mother’s Day 2014 for us really began on Saturday -a day before the actual day, right on the stovetop of our tiny kitchen.


The Dude had been busy chopping up rhubarb, peeling orange rind and adding it to a pot filled with other delicious things that one requires to make a good rhubarb compote. After a good hour of simmering and patient stirring, our compote was done! Two full delicious jars of homemade fruity goodness all ready to be consumed!


Early this morning, there was a lot more stirring and bubbling that happened over the stove, this time with some almond milk and rolled oats….


To produce a sweet and mouthwatering special breakfast of almond milk porridge with rhubarb compote for….. Me!


The sweetness of the almond milk porridge was a perfect balance to the tart and citrusy rhubarb compote! I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed it that I even had seconds!


And that was not all! With the help of The Dude and under the watchful eye of her baby brother, Bugs made this massive and utterly delicious walnut brownie for all of us to enjoy (Really, with two chocolate monsters in the house- one adult and the other a toddler, it’s no surprise that this was their cake of choice for celebrations!)!


It’s been a restful and reflective day at home with the family. It’s still kind of surreal that I have two little younglings now. I feel pretty blessed having them and have to pinch myself sometimes to make sure it’s not a dream although it doesn’t take long for me to come back to the reality of tending to their needs when one (or both) of them starts screaming/ tugging at my clothes!

The last three years have been pretty amazing and life changing in so many ways, filled with lots of ups and downs, thankfully more of the former than the latter. As they always say, wouldn’t change any of it for the world!

Can’t believe that it all started with this in 2011…..


And a second helping on a more recent note this year….


My belly is full now! Time for me to catch some Zs before the night shift begins! See you later!


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