Memories of autumn

Today officially marks the start of Winter 2014, which is perfect timing for this post (and the next… I won’t give away too much, you’ll have to wait to find out!)!

We’ve had a fantastic Autumn this year ! It was difficult to narrow down but here’s a quick photo summary of some of my favourite moments that we had….

Beautiful walks in the park…


Meeting Alice and the Easter Bunny over Easter…..


Picnics ! Oh how I miss picnics now the cold weather is here! This was what we had on our Easter Picnic with friends….


A new and delicious Beetroot salad recipe that we were introduced to…very timely considering Beetroot is now in season….


A very special afternoon tea treat for a very special birthday girl, courtesy of The Dude….


The kids bonding over Pororo the giggly toy penguin, a very special gift from afar….


And last but not least…. Just having goofy fun outdoors in the mild perfect Autumn weather!


If Autumn was this great, can’t wait to see what Winter has in store for us! Bye for now folks!


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