My turn too

“Well mommy, if Big Sister gets a hand knitted sweater for winter, do I get one too?”

“Yes of course, my dear Boo! Yours will be navy blue!”


“Will it have buttons ? Big Sister’s one has three!”

“Yours will have five buttons! With teddy bears on them, can you see?”


“How do I look in it? Does it fit me well?”

“It’s perfect, my dear child! My handsome gazelle!”


It took a full month of furious knitting to complete Boo’s first ever woolly sweater (This was Julia Stanfield’s Young Einstein pattern). I’m glad this was completed just in time for the start of the winter season! But Boo has been drinking lots of milk lately so I reckon this sweater won’t last him through the whole of the season.

Time to get cracking on another one for him soon , but before I do that, here’s a parting shot of the sweater, with it’s little collar (which took a bit more effort to make up) and teddy bear buttons all spread out on the couch!


Really, do I need an excuse to knit more? Always makes my day seeing how the knitted goods looks on the recipient! I’m pretty pleased with this one, I think Boo is too! Hope you enjoyed the rhyme ! Thanks for reading!


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