Our weekend with Pete Evans

Well…. Not with the main man himself, but rather his latest cookbook -Healthy Everyday !
(Image from Panmacmillan)

I recently borrowed a copy of the book from a kind mom we know from one of Bugs’s playgroup. Since it was wet and cold all weekend and inspired by the recent run of MasterChef Australia, The Dude and I decided to make this a Pete Evans recipe weekend!

Out of 120 recipes in the book, these were the three that we tried:

Healthy recipe 1 :Kale Chips


These were crazy easy to make and deliciously addictive! I was pretty surprised at how many chips a giant bunch of kale actually makes – not much after all the liquid in the kale dries up!


But what really blew my socks off was seeing how much Bugs enjoyed eating it! Yes you read that right – my kid loved eating kale! Not sure what about it she likes but I’m guessing it’s got something to do with the extremely crispy and crunchy texture! Shhhhh…. Let’s not tell her that kale is a superfood mumbo jumbo, shall we?

Verdict : 10 out of 10

Healthy recipe 2 : Spice fried chicken

Do you like KFC? Well The Dude and I are fans , it’s always a zinger or a popcorn something (or both) whenever we get the chance to visit the fast food outlet.

But we all know that what’s finger lickin’ good is not all that good for your ticker yes? Enter our saviour from culinary sin – Pete Evans and his healthy take on the classic takeaway!


That’s the spice mix to coat the chicken in. It contains a wide variety of spices and lots of healthy stuff like buckwheat flour and quinoa flakes (Quinoa and fried chicken in the same sentence, well I never!)

We followed the recipe to the T- coating it in the spice mix, frying it off in coconut oil (more healthy stuff) and finishing off by baking it in the oven. Here’s how our HFC (healthy fried chicken) turned out…


Taste wise, it was a lot healthier than the commercial version (read : less salty and oily). The batter, despite having minimal salt, was savoury enough and crunchy.


But the taste of the coconut oil was a little bit too strong for my liking (not a big coconut fan). If we do try this recipe again, it would be with vegetable oil and in company – sharing a 1.5kg chicken between the three of us is a bit much for something that you can’t keep for the next day.

Verdict : 7 out of 10 if using coconut oil, possibly higher score if using a different oil

Healthy recipe 3 : Fruit juice jellies

When I saw this recipe on page 195, I just had to try it! Especially after ogling at this enticing picture!


Can you believe that these jellies are naturally sweetened- with fresh juice and honey?? I had to try the recipe out, especially since I had everything that was needed on hand – oranges for juice, honey and gelatin. Here they are setting nicely in our chocolate mould.


And look how my orange juice jellies turned out….


These orange seashell jellies are just so cute! They were really more like gummy bear jelly, rather than Aeroplane jelly- chewy and bursting with flavour!


The tribe enjoyed them tremendously as an after dinner treat! A real departure from our usual sugar/ butter laden desserts and really nice to know that these little sweets are good for you too! We will be definitely making more of these for sure!

Verdict : 10 out of 10

Well that’s the end of our weekend with the lovely Pete Evans! It’s always fun trying out something new! Hopefully we get the chance to try more recipes next week! Thanks for reading!



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