Juicy goodness

“They say that falling in love….

Is wonderful….


So wonderful….


So they say….”

Lyrics from “They say it’s wonderful” by Irving Berlin

Boo is officially six months old today! Six months ! Seriously where has the time gone, especially considering we are more than halfway into 2014 now !

Just before Boo was born, The Dude and I made this little photo album. It was a simple exercise of hand cutting scrap booking papers into squares and then binding them together to form a book. I’d planned for it to contain special snaps of Boo, be it his first week, month or year in the world. Pretty glad that I finally have the chance to fill it up now!


We spent the better part of the morning looking at our photos with Boo and sorting out the ones we wanted to stick into the colourful pages.


It did take quite a while deciding which pictures made the cut – there were too many to choose from! But it was fun going down memory lane , so much has happened and changed in such a short amount of time! Boo looks so different now compared to when he was just a newborn!


And all that morning activity did made us hungry! We celebrated Boo’s special milestone with a batch of chocolate and banana cream cupcakes that I’d whipped up the day before. Another Donna Hay recipe that was easy to make up and delicious to devour!


It does feel quite bittersweet knowing that our littlest is growing up so quickly! That famous Irving Berlin song was seriously just playing in my head the whole time I was looking through those photos! It did make me wish for time to stand still for just a little longer- the kids are so precious when they are this little!


But as we all know, the only constant in life is change, so I guess I’m just thankful for the blessings and experiences with them in our daily life!

Happy Sunday everyone!


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