First experiences

Well winter is truly underway! It’s been a little bit colder this year than what I’ve remembered it to be and the clan has been sick a little bit more often than I would have liked.

Which means that we’ve been more home bound than usual. But despite that, we’ve had the chance to experience quite a few firsts! There’s been a renewed interest in painting and stamping…

Always amazing to watch especially when the end result is as beautiful as this (See below)! A big first for Bugs as this is the first ever painting that she’s completed all by herself! I’m pretty proud of her and her masterpiece! She’s done a few more after this first one, each one in a different style of course, maybe we have a little Picasso on our hands , only time will tell!


The Dude also had his first go at making madeleines. It’s been a personal dream of his to make these petit tea time treats. Look at how perfect they turned out at first go! Both flavours – plain and green tea were equally delicious! I think this is going to be a staple in our house for the next few weeks!


Since it’s winter, I’ve been doing a bit more knitting than usual . This little blue angora baby wrap cardigan is the latest thing to come off the needles !


I’d made this a few weeks back for a friend (M) whose little boy is due really soon but didn’t get round to sending it off until recently as we’d been busy taking turns falling sick. It’s a nice and practical wrap cardigan that has a little tie at the end that’s adjustable. The angora wool is so soft and comfy against baby’s skin. I’d made this pattern before three years ago when we were expecting Bugs. So Bugs (and now Boo) has a similar cardigan out of cotton that’s orange in colour. Now hopefully this blue version fits M’s baby boy and keeps him warm in his first ever Aussie winter!


Halfway through and not long more before Spring and warmer weather arrive! I’ll end off with a picture of those stunning madeleines that The Dude baked! See you soon!


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