The week that has been

I’m getting ahead of myself here, after all, it’s only Thursday and technically there’s still a few days before the end of the week!

But I just couldn’t resist sharing what we’ve been up to after flicking through the photos earlier on this evening!

It’s been crazy cold lately in Melbourne . Can you tell it was just 3 degrees from this picture?


While the kids were having fun playing with Duplo (yes! Even our little Boo was in on the action!)…


I took the time to make up a jar of this….


Yep you read that right…. Kale pesto! Before this winter, The Dude and I had never contemplated even eating kale. But somehow after the kale chips episode, suddenly we found ourselves consuming the superfood on a…. dare I say…. weekly basis! What is going on here?!

Anyway the pesto was absolutely delish stirred through spaghetti! Bugs ate every single morsel on her plate so we’ll definitely be making it again!


When we did head outdoors, it was brief and to somewhere indoors…. Like this amazing new coffee joint that we found near the market !


Of course Bugs had her baby chino, I love how they served it with a cute scallop shaped spoon! One of those antique ones! Makes me want to go on a scavenger hunt at the local op shop and pick up a few to add to the utensil drawer!


While she was finishing up her snack, I took the chance to doodle a bit on some paper and color pencils that the cafe supplied. Newly sharpened pencils are my weakness!


But I’ve really saved the best of this post for the last! When we got back home from coffee, this was what was waiting in the mail for us…..


What a seriously beautiful card!! This was 100% handmade from my ever talented cousin! There’s an artistic streak in her, even though she denies it every time I bring it up! Check out all the pretty details…. From the white scalloped edges….


To the coordinated jewelled flowers and oh! What do I see? A little red bird nesting in the flower garden! This card is such a pleasure to look at! I did enjoy my time admiring it while sipping (yes!) another cup of coffee!


Getting that pretty card really did lift my spirits ! I’ll end off this post with one of the quotes that was included in the card! See you soon folks! Thanks for reading!


So I was told the card actually pops out to form a box! Now it’s not only pretty but uber cute as well! Now off to find somewhere to display it!



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